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Fabarm L4S Black Initial Hunter 12ga 28in


Action Type Semi-Auto
Barrel Length 28 IN
Brand Fabarm
Condition New
Gauge 12 GA
Hand Right


Buy Fabarm L4S Black Initial Hunter 12ga 28in

Buy a brand new Fabarm L4S Black Initial Hunter shotgun chambered in 12 gauge with 28-inch barrel. This shotgun comes with an INTEGRALE case case and 5 INNER HP Choke Tubes. Fabarm L4S Black Initial Hunter 12ga for sale in usa

FABARM USA is introducing an innovative new line of semiautomatic shotguns designed for bird hunting. The new L4S family of shotguns exhibits the same high level of precision and finish that FABARM is famous for in a product that is competitively priced for the North American market.

The L4S incorporates an innovative new design that allows the fore-end to be remove without disassembling the shotgun. The design has two significant advantages.

Removing the fore-end allows the action to be clean and lubricated without having to disassemble the whole gun. Additionally, it eliminates having the wood be part of the structural assembly of the gun, making the action and barrel relationship more accurate and stronger.

By taking the stress off of the wood fore-end you also eliminate the forces that can damage and crack the wood. All grades will feature Turkish walnut with a satin oil finish. Fabarm L4S Black Initial Hunter 12ga for sale in usa

The L4S is lightweight making it a pleasure to carry in the field and has a gas operating system that significantly reduces recoil.

It will handle every type of ammunition from 2 _? target to heavy 3_ magnum hunting loads. Other notable features include a stock shim system for adjusting fit and TRIBORE HP? tapered barrels for the ultimate in ballistic performance. The initial offering is available in three attractive grades: Initial Hunter (black action), Grey Hunter (silver action with game scene), and Deluxe Hunter (silver action with detailed game scene with gold inlays and upgraded wood).



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