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Buy Blunderbuss by Pattison Dublin Antique

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Buy Cheap 1800s IRISH Flintlock Blunderbuss by Pattison Dublin Antique

Buy cheap Cheap 1800s IRISH Flintlock Blunderbuss at Black Rambo Gun Shop were we present an antique British Pattison Flintlock Blunderbuss, made circa the early 1800s in Dublin, Ireland. Buy Blunderbuss firearms Online

The blunderbuss is a firearm with a short, large caliber barrel. They are flared at the muzzle, frequently throughout the entire bore, and used with shot and other projectiles. The blunderbuss is commonly considered to be an early predecessor of the modern day shotgun, with similar military and defensive use. It was effective only at short range, lacking accuracy at long range.

Thomas Pattison was a gunmaker working in Dublin, Ireland between the years of 1799 through 1836. His sons, Mark and John, joined him in business in 1829 and continued operations through 1853. bitcoin machine for sale here

Where to Buy Blunderbuss by Pattison Dublin Antique Online

The overall condition is good. Original patina. Visible are very old Irish registration numbers on the top of the barrel and the rear of the butt plate. The action is excellent and the bore is in good condition. The stock has a crack all the way through it.

There is movement in this despite an attempted repair (we did not attempt to repair this item) and would benefit from a professional repair. Nevertheless, this is a very neat piece of Irish history from Dublin! Buy Blunderbuss firearms Online

Own the original! This is a legitimate antique and not a reproduction.

Barrel is 15 inches.

Muzzle diameter at the bell: 1-3/8 inches.

Overall condition as seen in photos.

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