Online Ammunition Buying Restrictions

Online Ammunition Buying Restrictions

There are some ammo buying restrictions that you need to be aware about.

Here is a list of restrictions for you to know:

  • Alaska: No ammo shipments
  • California: No ammo shipments to Beverly Hills, Carson, Marin, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. No tracer ammunition shipments permitted.
  • Connecticut: Permit Required
  • Hawaii: No ammo shipments
  • Illinois: ID required, no ammo shipments to Chicago
  • New Jersey: ID Required
  • New York: Ammo required to be sent to an FFL
  • Washington D.C: No ammo shipments

Now that we have covered the best places to buy ammo online and shipping restrictions, let’s discuss the best brands of ammunition per caliber.

Recommended Ammo for Common Calibers

Buy drilling shotgun-22 LR 

Marlin 60 .22 LR
Marlin 60

There was a time where .22 ammo was easily the cheapest ammo around. That time is no longer the case. However, .22 ammo can still be found for reasonable price. In fact, you can find it for five to ten cents a shot.

Your best luck for cheap .22 LR ammo will be to get it in bulk. Examples include CCI, Federal Automatch Target, and Sellier and Bellot.

If you fail to buy .22 ammo in bulk, you will most certainly pay a higher price per shot.

Buy gen4-40sw

Ruger LC9

9mm Luger is, without question, the most popular pistol caliber in the world. Prices are also very reasonable. 9mm Luger can be easily had for twenty cents a shot, give or take a few. This holds true for both 124 gr and 115 gr 9mm ammunition.

If you want 9mm Luger target range ammo on the shoot, your best choices are: PMC, Blazer Brass, and Magtech.  For self-defense ammunition, Federal Hydra Shok and Speer Gold Dot are good choices.

Remember that you will pay a much higher price for self-defense ammunition than target ammo.

.45 ACP

45 ACP

.45 ACP is a bigger round than 9mm Luger, and you will pay a higher price per shot as well. Expect to pay 40 cents a shot or more for .45 ACP 230gr FMJ.

The best brands for target loads of .45 ACP are Blazer Brass, American Eagle, and PMC. For self-defense ammo, as with 9mm, go with Federal Hydra Shok or Speer Gold Dot.

5.56x45mm NATO/.223 Remington

223 Remington

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America, so you need plenty of ammo for yours if you have one.

The .223 ammo can be shot out of a 5.56x45mm NATO barrel. However, 5.56x45mm NATO cannot be shot out of a .223 barrel.  The reason why is because 5.56x45mm NATO has higher pressure.

For this reason, be sure you buy a rifle in 5.56x45mm NATO instead of .223. It will be more versatile if you do so.

In terms of prices, expect to pay a minimum of thirty cents a shot for 5.56 and .223. The designation ‘M’ for 5.56 ammo means it is mil-spec. The designation ‘XM’ means it was rejected for use by the military.

Overall, here are the best brands for 5.56x45mm NATO ammo: PMC X-Tac, American Eagle, and Federal Gold Match.  For .223 ammo, go with PMC bronze.

300-win mag -ammo

If your semi-automatic rifle of choice is the AK-47, you will need 7.62x39mm. The best guideline is to buy ammo from countries who use the AK-47. At the same time, beware of corrosive ammo. You will have to clean your rifle more often if you use it.

Many rounds for the AK-47 are non-brass. Examples include Tula and Wolf. However, many shooting ranges do not allow this ammo, so only use it with discretion..

Otherwise, you will need to buy more expensive ammunition, which may cost around 30 cents a shot.

Here are the best brands for 7.62x39mm ammo: Tula, Wolf, and PMC. For self-defense ammo, go with Hornady SST and Sellier and Bellot. buy ammo near me usa legal

.308 Winchester/7.62x51mm

.308 Winchester

.308 Winchester ammunition is used in many bolt action rifles, as well as the AR-10 and M1A rifles.

The .308 and 7.62x51mm are almost identical but not exactly.  7.62x51mm can be fired in .308 Winchester. However, .308 cannot be fired in rifles chambered for 7.62×51.

The best .308 Winchester ammo includes: Fiocchi, Federal Match King, and PMC. The best 7.62x515mm ammo includes: Federal, Federal Power Shok, and Hornady TAP.

12 Gauge Lambo ammo

Last but not least, we will discuss 12 gauge ammo. There are many different kinds of shotgun ammunition.

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There is #8 to #9 birdshot, which is great for clay shooting or bird hunting. Then there is buckshot for home defense, and slugs for big game hunting.  The larger the # is in birdshot, the smaller the pellets are. Double aught (00) buckshot is the best self-defense load.

Prices for shotgun ammo varies substantially. Birdshot prices can be as low as twenty cents a shot. However, buckshot rounds for home defense are considerably more: around a dollar shot.

The best brands for birdshot shotgun ammo will be Estate and Fiocchi. For Buckshot, go with Winchester Military, Hornady, or Federal.  Finally, for slugs, your best choice will be Winchester, FIocchi, and Federal. buy ammo near me usa legal

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