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So you’re thinking about buying a gun online. There are a lot of reasons to do it, and it’s completely legal. Maybe your local gun shop doesn’t have the exact model you’re looking for. Maybe you’re sitting in some boring meeting or recital and trying to give yourself something to look forward to. Maybe you don’t want to come down off the mountain until your gun’s ready to pick up. Maybe you don’t have a Sportsman’s Warehouse near you (sad!), but you really want one of the guns you found on our site. No matter your reasons, we’ve got you covered. buy gun near me

Buying a gun online is almost exactly like buying a gun in a store. Since firearms can’t be shipped directly to your house, and you’ll need to fill out the paperwork before you can take your new gun home, you’ll still have to get off the mountain at some point. If you’re lucky enough to have a Sportsman’s Warehouse within driving distance, you can buy your gun online and pick it up in store with a minimum wait time. If your local Sportsman’s doesn’t have it in stock, you can order it at and have it shipped to the store for free. We also have a local FFL (Federal Firearms License) program, so if you don’t have a Sportsman’s in the neighborhood, we can ship it to another firearms dealer in your area. Now quit hovering over the “Add To Cart” button, it’s time to buy online.

Easy. Convenient. Legal.

How Easy & Convenient?

  • Pick the gun you like, we have thousands to choose from.
  • If your local Sportsman’s Warehouse has it in stock, you’ll see that you can either pick it up today or tomorrow (depending on what time it is when you’re ordering). If not, you can also click “Check Nearby Stores” to see the nearest location that has it on hand.
  • If no Sportsman’s stores near you have it, or you don’t want to drive that far, just click “Add To Cart” & continue shopping or checkout. It’ll be shipped to the nearest Sportsman’s location when you select it. buy gun near me
  • If you don’t have a Sportsman’s Warehouse in your area, select your local participating FFL (if no local FFL dealer is listed, please call our Customer Service at sale). *Note: firearms can only be shipped to a certified FFL.
  • Review the purchase & shipping details in your order & click “Checkout.”
  • Enter your payment & billing info & click “Place Order.”
  • You’ll get confirmation emails about your order & shipping status so you know when it’s time to come off the mountain. (Make sure you bring along proper ID & the card you used to pay with, for more info see our Gun Purchase Terms & Conditions.)

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