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Buy Cased Colt Model 1851 London Navy Revolver

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Best Place to Buy Cased Colt Model 1851 London Navy Revolver Online USA

Buy Cased Colt Model 1851 London Navy Revolver Online, This is a very good cased Colt Navy Revolver in 36 calibre manufactured in the United State factory and stamped as such with British proofs. At this level the set would be difficult to better without a very large increase in price.

The market in Colt revolvers in the USA is similar to that of coins and stamps in the US, original condition is everything.  Therefore it sometimes bewilders me that a Colt Navy in average condition can be acquired for around $2000 but the world record for the same revolver , made by the same hands in the same factory is in excess of $500,000 as it is in mint condition. This is a quality investment grade set and very pleasing to the eye.
The gun for sale has a strong action with a bright bore and much original finish. There is a very good cylinder scene with overall much original finish extant.

However, the set has all matching serial numbers and is in the correct British case with the original label and contains all the correct accessories including a Colt Navy stamped powder flask manufactured by James Dixon. The Japanned lacquered percussion cap tin is the original tin with a Colt label. These tins were the first to be changed as owners would buy whatever caps were available when they ran out. The revolver has had some light use but clearly was well looked after and cleaned after use.

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The quality of the accessories is commensurate with the quality of the revolver and this is an exceptional set that has not been “improved” as so many are.
Colt believed that his London factory was the most important expansion of his business because of the potential sales throughout the British Empire and it is said that the examples made in the London factory were superior to those made in the USA factories.

Also to research Colt London revolvers read Rosa’s seminal work “Colonel Colt of London.” Superior finish on Colt London revolvers included domed head screws, better cross hatching on the hammer and enhanced plating.
Colt opened his London plant on the River Thames at Pimlico and began production on January 1, 1853. Buy Cased Colt Model 1851


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