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TVT GREEN Engine Oil Additive™Different Chemistry – Unmatched Results

The most AMAZING engine & vehicle oil additive on the PLANET

What is TVT GREEN Engine Oil Additive™

TVT GREEN Engine Oil Additive™ is perhaps the most advanced molecular based, friction reduction, surface strengthening, metal conditioning technology ever developed for engines, plus it is an environmentally and people safe GREEN formula.

It provides amazing money saving benefits for your vehicles.

We cannot say who, but top people in the racing industry are now discovering the REAL VALUE of TVT GREEN Engine Oil Additive™.

What it does

If you like what Accuracy Oil™ does for your firearms, wait until you see what this modified proprietary SUPER formula can do for your vehicles.

TVT stands for “Total Vehicle Treatment”.

So, when we say “vehicles”, we mean more than just the engine, we also mean differentials, transfer cases, fuel systems, manual transmissions, even squeaky door, hood, and trunk hinges.

This is a real SUPER-HERO oil additive for cars, trucks, big rigs, heavy equipment, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, generators, just about anything with an engine.

Due to the way it cuts friction (by 90%) and bonds to the metal with long lasting, stable bonds, the benefits you receive are unmatched – often times tangible and/or audible feel to drivers, money saving increased fuel mileage (normally 5-10% or better), money saving decreased maintenance cost (issues related to wear), extended asset life (what is the value of getting more use out of your cars and trucks?), and it can even save lives (ask us)!

Cheap TVT GREEN Engine Oil Additive™

  • Optimizes Vehicle Performance
  • Improves Fuel Mileage
  • Extends Vehicle Life & Oil Life
  • Can save lives (we cannot warranty this feature, but it is true)

TVT GREEN torture test – TVT Green vs. Royal Purple (VIDEO)


(Multi-use formula works great when added to the engine, front & rear differential, power steering, fuel tank, manual transmission, and on door/trunk and hood hinges)

  • Reduces Engine Noise & Vibration
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency (typically 5-10%)
  • Cleans Contaminants from Metal (carbon, sludge…)
  • Lowers Operating Temperatures
  • Increases Horsepower and Torque
  • Smoother Operation and Lower RPMs (Often QUIETS Loud Engines)
  • Protects against Friction and Wear
  • Extends oil life (typically 2X)
  • GREEN Environmentally Safe
  • Extend Asset Life… Not permanent, but long lasting
  • Awesome in 2 & 4 stroke engines from cars/trucks to heavy equipment, boats, ATVs, snowmobiles, jet skis, race engines, generators…
  • Emergency Protection to Run Vehicle if Oil is Lost
  • American ingenuity & American made at its BEST. Buy TVT Engine / Vehicle Oil Additive

Why you should Buy TVT GREEN Engine Oil Additive™

TVT GREEN Vehicle Additive is likely the BEST formula on the market because it destroys friction by up to 90%, flat-lines metal wear, can be used in multiple vehicle systems, and it is a safe to use GREEN product.

This phenomenal chemistry is actually an “extreme pressure metal enhancing treatment” that is designed to DROP FRICTION BY UP TO 90%, PROTECT METAL FROM WEAR and CREATE A LOW STICK SURFACE.

Picture trillions of microscopic, self-leveling super-magnets forming a low stick “Power-Shield” into and onto ALL the metal it comes in contact with.

Our formulas contain the most powerful and revolutionary chemistry available.

The blunt explanation of what differentiates our products from “other” lubricants is that while other lubes rely on creating a film wedge between metal surfaces, our additive changes the surface structure characteristics of metal, making it harder, smoother, and tighter on a microscopic level and reducing friction by 85-90%.

Think of going from a microscopic surface resembling sandpaper and turning it into smooth glass.

TVT Engine formula is a “game-changer”.

Besides putting it in engines, it is also great in front & rear differentials, transfer cases, manual transmissions (not automatic), in gas or diesel tanks (not in diesel fuel if it has an attached DPF system), master-cylinders, power steering… and even on door, trunk and hood hinges.

Our additive translates into a cleaner engine with more HP, torque, and fuel efficiency, lower operating temps, huge asset life extension… and often a much quieter and smoother ride.

We have seen engines run for hundreds of miles with no oil in it once treated – we have seen operating temps drop 20 degrees in alcohol engines and 40 degrees in gas engines – Our chemistry is a big deal!

Note – Our formula does not contain ethers, graphite, Teflon, zinc, fluoropolymers, EPA targeted chains, solids or molys. Not a HAZMAT reportable product. OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200 – lists no ingredient of this product hazardous. Not DOT regulated as dangerous goods. We use magic molecules!


(Available in 16oz, 1 gallon, 5 gallon and 55 gallon sizes)


Watch this FUN & ENTERTAINING (video) explain TVT GREEN in a practical way!


743 miles on your product and went from 16.7 mpg to about 20.2 big mpg increase on a motor that has 159,346 miles on it.

I have been using the TVT Oil Additive in my vehicles since receiving a supply of it from you in March 2020. It certainly lives up to its reputation. One of my vehicles is a 16-year-old 4-cylinder Hyundai Getz which has seen a fair bit running in its lifetime and has developed an audible engine noise and noticeable fine vibration in the steering wheel when idling. Buy TVT Engine / Vehicle Oil Additive

After adding the recommended amount of TVT Oil Additive following its regular service I noticed, over time, a distinct reduction in both noise and vibration to the point that on one occasion whilst stationary at an intersection waiting for the traffic lights to change the absence of the customary noise and vibration that I had become accustomed to caused me to think the engine had stalled. The noise that always accompanies an attempt to ‘start’ an engine that is still running quickly informed me otherwise. I have also noticed an increase in fuel efficiency as well.


Matthews Brothers Dredging – Basic Info

  1. Dredging Crane – Gulf of Mexico
  2. Bucket size – 20’ X 17’
  3. Runs 24hr/day – 20 hrs. active/4 hrs. idle
  4. Burns 120-150 gallons of fuel/24 hr. day
  5. 50-gallon oil tank
  6. 400-gallon fuel tank
  7. 1,000 hrs. between oil changes

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  1. Estimated that there is a potential savings of $3,000-$5,000 per year in fuel by using the additive in our crane (not counting other equipment).
  2. Extend Oil life to 1,500 – 2,000 hours

Bucket Size 20′ X 17′

Cat 379 Engine / oil used – Chevron Super Plus EC 15w-40

Before TVT Green™ – 1st Oil Sample

  1. Total hours during data collection – 17,644 hrs.
  2. 4,085 gallons of fuel used in 629 hours – 6.5 gallons/hr.
  3. Temp at oil pump 183°
  4. Noisy oil pump

After TVT Green™ – 2nd Oil Sample

  1. Total hours during data collection – 18,190
  2. 3,316 gallons of fuel used in 546 hours – 6 gallons of fuel/hr.
  3. (Savings of ½ gallon of fuel per hour over this time period is 273 gallons – over a full year the savings would equate to approximately 4,380 gallons)
  4. Temp remains at the same level
  5. Noise at the oil pump was reduced, but gradually returned
  6. There is a slight, but noticeable increase in power under heavy loads
  7. Additional testing has shown that TVT Green can safely extend oil life by 50-100% and further reduce operating costs. Buy TVT Engine / Vehicle Oil Additive


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