Best Semi-Automatic Shotgun for Sale in 2024 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


It’s quite safe to say that we are living in a bold new era of semi-automatic shotguns. They’ve become increasingly popular over the years and serve well as a solid home defense solution.

But which one to choose?

That’s where we come in. We’ve done a good bit of research to find what we think are the best semi-auto shotguns currently on the market 2023. We’ve looked at value for the money, power, accuracy, safety, ease of use, and more – to name just a few factors.

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Plus, all of our selections are made by reliable and market-leading manufacturers. So you won’t have to worry about any quality issues.

Now, let’s jump right in and find the perfect semi-auto shotgun for you…

Top 7 Best Semi-Automatic Shotgun On The Market 2023 On Sales

  1. 12 Gauge Black Semi Automatic Shotgun– Best Triple Gun Match Semi-Automatic Shotgun
  2. Weatherby Mark V .270 Weatherby mag 26
  3. Garaysar MKA1919 Match Pro 12 GA 20″ Barrel 5-Rounds
  4. Fabarm L4S Black Initial Hunter 12ga 28in
  5. Remington 870 Wingmaster 20 GA
  6. Century Centurion BP-12 Bullpup Black 12 Gauge
  7. Beretta Companion 12ga Shotgun

112 Gauge Black Semi Automatic Shotgun – Best Triple Gun Match Semi-Automatic Shotgun

First up, we’re checking out this rugged, reliable, and easy to operate, Beretta 1301 Competition Semiautomatic Shotgun. For all you serious competition shooters out there, you’ll be pleased to know it has been optimized for triple-gun matches.

Competitive advantage…

The oversized charging handle, large bolt release and extended reversible safety work together to give you a real advantage over the competition. Plus, they’ve added an operating system called Beretta Blink, which is a gas-operated locking set-up. It also uses a built-in rotating bolt and reinforced lugs that cycle faster than previous models by up to 36 percent. Semi-Automatic Shotgun for Sale

Quick as a flash… 

You also benefit from enlarged loading and ejection ports that function super effectively and quickly. Furthermore, a fiber-optic front sight and mid bead give you excellent targeting capabilities for various shooting applications.

The receiver is tapped and pre-drilled for an accessory rail to be easily installed. This will allow for the simple attachment of your preferred optics. Then, there’s an Optima-Bore HP interchangeable choke-tube system built into this shotgun. This enables you to adapt to different targets at a multitude of ranges.

Get a grip…

Measures have been implemented to ensure that you get the best grip at all times, even in harsh weather. These include aggressive checkering on the stock and the forend of this Beretta 1301 Shotgun. And, we like that the barrel has a stepped rib, which should allow for you to aim in a more comfortable manner.

Lastly, we’ll mention there is a sling attachment on the magazine cap, one flush-mount is included, and an IC choke too. Also provided is a choke wrench and stock spacers to adjust the length of the pull.


  • Optimized for triple-gun matches.
  • Optima-Bore HP system.
  • Fiber optic front sight.
  • Sling attachment.
  • Pre-drilled for rail mounting.


  •  Might be out of your budget?

2Weatherby Mark V .270 Weatherby mag 26

Next up, we have a semi-automatic shotgun from the well-respected firearms maker, Weatherby. And this recent Weatherby SA-08 Deluxe Semi-Automatic Shotgun is no exception in terms of the quality and reliability you normally expect from the company. Semi-Automatic Shotgun for Sale

Extensive testing…

This semi-automatic shotgun has been extensively tested in the Weatherby lab, as well as out in the field. It’s been designed for a number of shooting applications, including hunting, target shooting, and self-defense.

Additionally, they’ve added a high-grade walnut stock into the mix for a very classic rifle look. And, the metalwork is accentuated with a high-gloss finish to give it a high-quality feel.

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Quick target acquisition…

Due to the ventilated rib design, heat is allowed to quickly dissipate out from the shotgun. This allows you to get back on target quickly and easier than with more conventional designs.

You also benefit from a unique dual-valve system that lets you shoot a wide range of charges. So there will be plenty of fun to be had as you test out a whole range of charges to find your favorite.

All-in-all, we think this is a very versatile shotgun solution that offers great bang for your buck! It should suit anyone who’s looking for a quality classic look as well. Semi-Automatic Shotgun for Sale

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