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Black Rambo starting writting lyrics at age 12 and started recording at age 15. He has released 2 independent albums (Blackavelibenz) a RNB/pop album. And (Faded Thug Music) a hip hop album. Black Rambo released a RNB/pop album first so crictics and fans would know that he is more than just a rapper. Influenced by Artists such as Prince and MIchael Jackson made Black Rambo want to be seen more of a complete act, who can truly entertain and have his own style. Musically and physically. black rambo ammo for sale

Black Rambo was recently signed to a mainstream record label in May. UAA MUSIC. He is in the process of creating his frrst mainstream album and single. I guess were jumping ahead on what created Black Rambo and got him to this point. Black Rambo spent the early part of his life in Kansas City Missouri. He was born in Denver, CO a place he has expressed a strong dislike for. When he was 1 his father was shot over a bad drug deal. His dad would later walk out of his life at age 5 and not return in it for another 17 years. His father spent 10 of those 17 years in prison for strong armed robbery. Black Rambo Biography

Black Rambo had a tough child hood. Growing up poor and being raised with his brother and sister by a single mom and constantly moving. Rambo spent his school years isolating himself from people and hanging with the wrong crowd. He began selling ecstacy and weed at age 14. His mom had lost her job and Rambo had no food or school materials for months. He sold drugs to survive.

At age 16 Rambo was making a deal outside of a local park by his highschool when he was robbed at gun point by one of his own connects. That incident made Black Rambo take a look at his life and he decided to focus on music and give up the drug game. He started taking music more and more serious the next 2 years writing constantly filling up the front and back of 5 subject notebooks. He knew this was more than just a dream it was becoming a reality. Black Rambo Biography

After spending his early 20’s trying to get noticed in the Colorado underground Black Rambo decided the city was to slow and not into mainstream sounding music. So he decided to move to Orlando and go to a music school known as Full Sail University. That was the plan until Rambo became obsessed with the culture of the south and the people it had to offer. The southern hospitality had Rambo skipping class to do and sell drugs. He would go on to record of 500 songs in 2009.

After making great connects Black Rambo decided to move back to Denver in 2011 to take a break from the party life to write his first album (Blackavelibenz). He chose to purposely not put out a hip hop album to prove that he had other talents. Black Rambo dedicated the album to his real true first love. The album did good in gaining Rambo a fanbase. Critics hated the autotune mostly music, but couldnt deny the creativiity and amazing writing skills that Rambo possessed. Black Rambo Biography

After 2011 Black Rambo felt he was missing out on life in Florida. In January of 2012 Rambo finally gave his following what they wanted a hip hop album (Faded Thug Music). The album took off like a rocket. Except it was taking off in the south and not in Colorado. So Rambo decided to return to Florida and catch up with old friends and get more focused on music this trip. After the album had only been out a 2 months Rambo was offered the show off a life time. buy black rambo handguns online us

Black Rambo was offered a 1,000 person showcase hosted by Warner Bros Records and other labels. The show would 2 days later land Black Rambo his first and best mainstream record deal. Black Rambo turned down a major deal with one label for money to sign with a new mainstream record label UAA MUSIC. It was the right fit for Rambo and his career. Black Rambo’s album FADED THUG MUSIC is going to be a classic in 10 years says Rambo. It was the perfect album.

Now Black Rambo is ready for his first mainstream album and is working away at making it as original as possible, but still in touch with what is happening in music. He is the Founder and Owner of the Black Rambo Gun Shop.

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