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Arsenal SAM7K-R AK-47 Pistol

Original price was: $1,300.00.Current price is: $1,100.00.

  • Barrel Length: 10.5
  • Total Length: 20″
  • Weight: 8lb (Without Magazine)
  • Caliber: AK-47 7.62x39mm
  • Capacity: 5 +1 Round Mag Supplied, Takes All AK-47 magazines.


Buy Arsenal SAM7K-R AK-47 Pistol Online USA

This, right here Arsenal SAM7K-R AK-47 Pistol, is a modern savage. It’s a gun that has moved on, ever so slightly, from the original AK-47 era. It’s the cleaner, more efficient, modern day equivalent.

To be honest, this one is our favorite AK-47 for sordid reasons. It looks hardcore, it is hardcore and that can be enough sometimes.

Best Place to Buy Arsenal SAM7 Ak-47 Gun Online

This is something different. The Arsenal SAM7 is a soldier’s weapon, the 1970s special forces even. It’s an awesome AK-47 pistol, possibly the best in the world.

It’s compact, tight to the body and each and every round can be lethal with an AK-47. Let’s not do the AR-15 a disservice. It is still a serious weapon, but the additional punch of the AK-47 7.62x39mm rounds are well documented.

So this, in a close quarters’ urban war, is exactly the kind of Buy gun you’d love to have by your side. It’s also an epic truck gun, at a price that is just about within reach. You get a pistol grip, just about enough space for a steadying hand and you get a Tasmanian Devil of a firearm.

That new front quad rail guard gives you ultimate versatility and you can hang anything you want off this gun. You could also mount it on a bipod at the range. It’s an odd set-up with a shorter barrel, but this pistol has a seriously impressive effective range and it offers a series of options. Arsenal SAM7K-R AK-47 For Sale

Arsenal SAM7K-R AK-47 Pistol for Sale 

It’s not a sniper rifle, let’s not get carried away. But with the right scope and set-up like a Magpul Moe style stock, or the wire underfolder braces you can get from almost any gunbroker, then it’s effective to 300 yards out.

It is really built for the close up and personal, though, 100 meters or less with a red dot is just about perfect.

Arsenal have done well with this one, it’s a gun with a purpose and a total weapon of war. One day, you might be glad you’ve got one to fall back on a weapon that the Red Army still uses to this day.

The forged receiver offers outrageous strength and then that is mated to a hammer-forged, chrome lined barrel. This is a quality firearm, make no mistake.

It’s easy to fit a stock and create an almighty AK-74 SBR, or a tactical brace that will give you the edge in close quarters. Or you can just keep it naked, with a bigger magazine, and let rip with a maniacal grin.

The Krinkov-style cone flash suppressor is a nostalgic touch and it works, although it isn’t the only muzzle device on offer.

The double hook trigger is also a unique experience that AK-47 black rambo will love. It might convert a few AR-15 diehards as well. Arsenal SAM7K-R AK-47 For Sale



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