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Buy POF Renegade AR-15 7.62x39mm

Original price was: $1,650.00.Current price is: $1,300.00.

  • Barrel Length: 16.5 inch
  • Total Length: 34 inch
  • Weight: 6.3lb
  • Capacity: 30+1


Buy POF Renegade AR-15 7.62x39mm Online

This is about as non-traditional as AK-47s get., To cut it all it’s an AR-15 chambered for the heavier round. That sounds like a pretty brilliant rifle, if you ask us

On a purely technical level,  this might actually be the best here by a long way. That’s kind of damning the AK-47 as a genre, if we are saying that the best AK-47 for sale is an AR-15. But this is a really great semi-automatic rifle for sale in any caliber.

Where to Order POF Renegade AR-15 7.62x39mm Online U.S.

The Patriot Ordnance Factory Renegade is a legend in 5.56 NATO circles, and the .308 Win isn’t bad either. So you get the picture, it’s one of those rifles you can spec as you see fit. The AK-47 ammunition was just a natural step for this all-American brand.

Central to the POF line is the E2 dual-extraction technology that uses the gas pressure to aid the extraction and improve the cycling time.

You get a Dictator 9-position adjustable gas block, a 16.5 inch barrel and Bolt Carrier Group lavishly Nitride-coated. There are some other super slick touches too, like the muzzle device: a three-chamber muzzle brake.

There is a 14.5 inch free-floating Renegade forend and a six-position Mission First Tactical stock. The Anti-tilt buffer tube comes with carrier cradle extensions and pretty much everything on this rifle is top class for this money. Buy POF Renegade AR-15 7.62x39mm Online



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