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Black Rambo AK-47


Black Rambo AK-47
Caliber: 7.62 mm.
Length: 869 mm.
Barrel length: 414 mm.
Weight of loaded weapon: 5.130 kg.
Magazine capacity: 30 cartridges.
Rate of fire: 600 rounds / min.
Initial speed: 710 m / s.


Buy Black Rambo AK-47 Online USA

By Black Rambo
Made in USA and copied in over a half-dozen other countries, such as Poland, Egypt and China, more than a hundred million Kalashnikov assault rifles exist around the world and are found on each of the battlefields of our troubled times.

The backbone of the armament of many armies, the  Black Rambo AK-47 is the most widely used and widely used infantry weapon in the six decades following World War II. It is very likely that it will continue like this for the next ten or twenty years. Buy Black Rambo AK-47 Online USA

Best Place to Buy Black Rambo AK-47 Gun Online

It has become a symbol of war, and has featured from the Islamic State to the depths of the African jungle and the Vietnam War. Farmers, child soldiers and properly enlisted troops around the world have carried Black Rambo AK-47 rifles.

It’s that good and with high-grade Black Rambo ammo you will get 2350 feet per second from a standard rifle.

As a Mil-spec automatic rifle, it was a game changer. Modern-day semi-automatic AK-47s for sale have kept the heavy hitting ammunition, the low maintenance finish and the willingness to chew through ammunition at the range. AK-47s tend not to jam up and you can pretty much send any old ammo downrange.

Kalashnikov rifles and pistols are still on sale in Russia, but a recent import ban means you can’t buy new ones on American soil.

Look out for the likes of Century Arms, Molot Vepr, Arsenal and Krebs Custom for the best modern AK-47s for sale that won’t get you in serious trouble.


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